QbD & PAT for Dummies

In combination with a Partner, Optimal Industrial Technologies has created a book, QbD & PAT for Dummies. Part of the famous for Dummies series, the book tackles the subjects from first principles, offering newcomers or those looking to brush up on their knowledge an intuitive insight into how to reap the full benefits of the technology.

The book addresses the basics of QbD and PAT, as well as how to apply this methodology to improve quality and reduce cost and manufacturing times. Regulatory approaches are explored, as well as how to implement the technology within your existing business framework. Practical examples are shown, as well as thorough explanations regarding the function of a PAT Knowledge Manager.

Written by established experts in the field, it’s an invaluable resource in taking the steps towards QbD and PAT centric Batch or Continuous production. Authors include Brad Swarbrick, a world-recognised expert in the implementation and application of QbD and PAT, plus Martin Gadsby, Co-Owner of the Optimal Group who has 30 years’ experience in the industry and 17 years of involvement with PAT Knowledge Management. Editing was by Faithe Wempen, a veteran expert of the for Dummies series.

The book is available in print or electronic formats, and you can secure your electronic copy below:

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