Optimal Industrial Technologies is sponsoring the APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference in Freiburg, Germany, this year. The aim is to allow delegates greater access to experts with first-hand experience applying the company’s market-leading PAT knowledge management software synTQ. Helping to support manufacturers to optimise batch production methods and achieve a smooth transition from batch to continuous processing when it offers a significant uplift in efficiency, quality and production capacity.

The APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference offers a key opportunity to learn and discuss both the potential and the challenges of implementing a continuous flow processing approach for the development and production of pharmaceuticals. Main topics of the event will be a regulatory perspective on continuous manufacturing, Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

Optimal, a premier PAT specialist and vendor of the market-leading PAT-based process management software synTQ, is well aligned with the focus of the APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference. The company aims to promote the role of PAT as a regulatory-complaint enabler of continuous processing and support its global adoption. Moreover, its synTQ platform, which is currently used by over half of the global pharmaceutical majors, has been helping businesses in the sector transition to continuous OSD manufacture, flow chemistry and continuous biotech as well as delivering enhanced improvements in product quality and consistency. In addition, it helped overcome regulatory challenges as well as slash manufacturing time, together with time to market.

Sponsoring the event’s welcome reception on Tuesday evening is another logical step for Optimal. During the soiree, participants will be able to visit the company’s stand, where they will find literature on PAT, including copies of the book ‘QbD & PAT for Dummies’. Representatives will also be giving demonstrations of synTQ, enabling visitors to fully visualise and understand the features and benefits of the software.

Members of the Optimal team will be available throughout the event. Attendees will be able to discuss the key benefits of PAT for quality assurance and continuous manufacturing as well as how Optimal can help to implement suitable PAT strategies by using synTQ.

Martin Gadsby, Director at Optimal Industrial Technologies, comments: “We look forward to liaising with industry leaders, regulatory bodies and research institutes at the APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference. During the event, we will be showcasing the power of PAT for the continuous processing of pharmaceuticals.

“In effect, these new approaches to manufacturing greatly improve throughput, product quality and regulatory compliancy. All these elements play an increasingly important role in driving competitiveness in the market and contributing to a company’s success. We invite anyone to visit our stand at the welcome reception to learn more about what we can offer as well as grab a free copy of ‘QbD & PAT for Dummies.”

The 2nd APV Continuous Manufacturing Conference will take place from 18-19 February 2020 at Stadthotel Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.