PAT & synTQ for Fluidised Bed Dryer Control

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer installed synTQ® for use on a fluidised bed drier to see if positive gains could be made in terms of process understanding and in terms of reducing processing time by using real time temperature control to suit the real time status of the critical to quality attributes and real time end point control.  synTQ® was used in combination with multivariate analysis products from Umetrics and a suitable instrument, and after building the process models and gaining process understanding the client was able to determine in real time the drying phases that were occurring in the drier.  He was then able, by means of the orchestrations within synTQ® together with a 3rd party control system and the OPC connection from synTQ®, design an application that controlled the drying temperature in line with the stage of the process as determined by synTQ® and introduce real time dryer end point control.  The system proved to be very successful and we believe that it had a short payback time.