About synTQ Assured


The synTQ Assured Global Product Support service is designed to ensure that users of Optimal’s highly advanced process optimisation synTQ software suite have access to the best possible product technical support 24/7/365 basis whether that be via dedicated phone support, remote system login support by our software solutions, or, by accessing the exclusive My synTQ on line knowledge hub, there is always a support platform available when you need it.

The overall effect of taking advantage of this product support package is to optimise your product development and production processes; cutting waste, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficiency and productivity targets are met by enabling peak reliability and performance.

The synTQ Assured Support Service Includes:

  • Expert technical phone support
  • Remote system diagnostics
  • Online service information
  • synTQ Assured onscreen dashboards
  • Downloadable software updates
  • My synTQ Portal knowledge base

Expert Support

synTQ Assured subscribers can access our expert support engineers directly for technical assistance, via a dedicated phone number, email address and customer support website.


The Benefits

Online Knowledge Base

kb.synTQ.com provides access to exclusive technical support reference information, downloads, documentation resources, articles, white papers, product news updates, problem solving guides and a popular FAQ with How-to and troubleshooting Articles sections providing fast reference answers that are updated continuously.

You can also email our customer support technicians and programmers on cs@synTQ.com

Expert Assistance Via Phone Support

Technical support provided over the phone is the next step in our support package, as sometimes you just need to speak to a knowledgeable person about your challenge. Phone support includes support on set-up, performance, functionality and problem solving.

Expert Technical Support over the phone is provided 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Remote Diagnostics

synTQ Assured provides the option of our technical experts accessing your synTQ instance via a secure remote connection, this allowing our experts to get to the heart of your issue quickly and efficiently. Using this technique often significantly speeds up the diagnosis and resolution timeframe.

Issue Tracking

Any issue that cannot be solved or answered immediately will be given a unique job reference and managed via our dedicated services issue project management system., which provides 24/7/365 online access to job status and updates from all members of the team that are called in to assist.

Application Support Services

synTQ Assured is a product support package, and whilst we are pleased to resolve application issues on an ad-hoc chargeable basis, clients may like to consider us providing synTQ Assured application support in addition to synTQ Assured product support. synTQ Assured application support can be provided either directly from Optimal else in close collaboration with your local approved synTQ provider. The typical synTQ Assured application services that are covered include orchestration editing and configuration, report editing and creation, module development, interfaces to instruments and other 3rd party hardware and software, custom web interfaces and bespoke dashboard views. Please contact us or your local approved synTQ provider to discuss the best support options for your application.


All aspects of the synTQ Assured support service can be accessed quickly and easily via your dashboard in the My synTQ Portal. This links you to the Help Center where there is your service desk, from where you are able to track your issue and find the current status plus working progress information. From the service desk you can also communicate with support engineer via on line chat.


Once an issue has been logged into the synTQ Assured database – either via the My synTQ Portal else via a phone call to our service desk, you will be able to view the status of that issue and indeed any other issue that you have logged into the systems via synTQ Assured dashboard. From this you will be able to instantly see the status of your issue and the name of the engineer assigned to resolving the issue.


All software updates relevant to your licensed software are made available to synTQ Assured users via the My synTQ Portal, this includes hot fixes, approved patches and module updates, system upgrades, new version releases, tools, new graphics (icons), plus any new features and functions that are developed and approved by Optimal for your specific synTQ instance.


The pricing of synTQ Assured is based on the synTQ licenses in your application and the currency of your system. The support is charged annually and any pre-support updates are a one off charge. Please contact Optimal, Emerson or your local approved synTQ provider for a quotation.


synTQ Assured Support is available to all end user customers operating a live licensed and registered instance of synTQ.

All direct support is supplied in English as standard, other languages are available on request.

For some clients synTQ Assured application support may be provided by your local approved synTQ provider, and in these cases synTQ Assured product support can be provided through these companies as well as directly to you.